The present Privacy Note has the objective of clarifying how the treatment of personal data obtained due to offer of courses/events by LEC occurs. For your information:

  • Treatment of personal data refers to all activities done with Personal Data, including collecting, access, communication, reproduction, processing, storing, and elimination of personal data.
  • Personal data, on the other hand, are all and any information related to a private individual identified or identifiable.

Know that our commitment is acting according to the current legislation of personal data protection and providing important and updated information regarding the treatment of your personal data.



All operations of personal data treatment that we do are guided by the following principles:

Purpose: the treatment of personal data will be done to fulfill a legitimate, specific, explicit and dull informed purpose

Adequacy: the treatment of personal data will only be performed if it is compatible with the informed purposes.

Need: the treatment of personal data will be limited to the minimum necessary to reach the intended purposes.

Free access: easy and free consult must be ensured about the way and duration of treatment, as well as the integrity of personal data.

Quality of data: treated personal data will be precise, clear, relevant, and updated.

Transparency: information related to treatment of personal data will be of easy access, in addition to being clear and precise, allowing one to know how data are treated, the purpose of the treatment, its way and duration, and with whom data will be eventually shared

Security: technical and administrative measures will be taken to protect personal data from unauthorized accesses and accidental or illegal situations, like distribution, alteration, and loss.

Prevention: measures capable of prevent the occurrence of damage will be taken

Non discrimination: personal data will never be treated for discriminatory, illegal, or abusive ends.

Accountability: measures capable of proving the observance and law enforcement, as well as the efficacy of these measures to protect personal data will be adopted.

Types of Collected Personal Data

General Personal Data: full name, date of birth, picture, gender, private email, private phone number, home address, business phone, business address, corporate email, CPF, RG, occupation.

Financial Data, related to registration, payment, reimbursement, and charge of courses/events: credit card data, bank account number, purchase history and purchased courses, for the permission of future charges and fulfilling legal and regulatory demands, like the admission of respective invoices.

Information about features via internet: IP address, geolocation, browser history

Sensitive Personal Data: impairment (access, special needs).


Purposes of treatment of personal data

Personal data are collected via forms (registration or information request) developed by our team of third parties hired and available in our website. Thus, we will use them for:

  • General Personal Data: for the service for students and former students’ and information requested by them, for the registration of students in courses and events promoted by LEC, for checking your identity and regularity of your registration in the course or event, as well as emission of respective certificates , class formation of the course, creation of list of students, communication for and among students, creation of WhatsApp group of the class, enable the purchase of books and magazines and access to giveaways.
  • Financial Data: to execute financial transactions like receipts, reimbursements, to management of contracts with students and participants of events;

    Information about features via internet: for the offer of services, communication, relationship with the customer, opportunities, promotions, content; personalize and improve your user experience provided by LEC, for example, when providing individualized personalized content or adapted to your location, recommendations, features, and publicity inside or outside the platform;

    Sensitive personal data: for student and former student’s service that are disabled so they have their accessibility ensured

Use of Cookies

When visiting our website, we collect, via cookies, data of usage above mentioned – your IP address, your geolocation settings, browser history.

It is highlighted that cookies are small text files that a website or application can send so they can be stored in your browser or your device, acting like a sort of identifier.

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation and use of the website, in a way that they are necessary so you can have access to a certain content. In addition, cookies are used to do a measurement of the use of a website, like, for example, the number of visitants and the duration of the visit.

There are necessary cookies, which are the ones that are crucial for the navigation on the website and use of available features, without which services cannot be accessed and provided; session cookies, which are the ones that aid users to navigate the website, keeping track of their progression page by page, in a way that information that have already been provided are not asked again during the current visit; and persistent cookies, that store your preferences to current and successive visits.

For more details, we recommend the reading of Policy of Use of Cookies by LEC.

Data sharing

Personal data are shared with third parties, in limited circumstances, like with partners of the organization and formulation of course and event, companies that provide the platform to students and online teaching, and companies and professionals responsible for the certification. Data of contact of participants of events organized by LEC might be shared with sponsors of such events, through consent of the participant, that will be collected in due time when the event they have registered for takes place. In any of the situations above, LEC will continue to ensure the confidentiality of personal data of the student, which are not publicly available.

Personal data might also be shared to answer a legal or arbitration process, as well as to protect the rights, propriety or security of LEC, our students, and/or general public.

Moreover, third party services are used to host out website, our email and enable the registration and payment of our courses and events, in a way the sharing of personal data with these third parties becomes necessary, but we inform that we only share information that are strictly necessary to fulfill the respective purpose of treatment.

It is highlighted that our services and events are also announced on third party websites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. It is important to remember that we are not responsible for practices of privacy or for the content shared by other websites, reason why our students must be familiarized with the policies of privacy from these websites.

Data of Marketing and Advertising

All collected personal data at the moment of the signing of the LEC courses are used for unified control and for the sales and management platform of the course, or any other that may substitute it.

Data collected by LEC can be treated and stored in third party servers, that act according to the politics and mechanisms of security and confidentiality established by LEC and the data protection legislation.

We highlight that we advertise our services and events in third party websites. Therefore, it is not possible for us to control nor be held responsible for privacy practices and content of third parties.

If the student clicks on an advert of link of a third party, they must be aware that they are leaving the platform and any personal data they provide will not be covered by the present Note. It is up to the student to read the respective policies of privacy to know in which way these third parties collect and treat their personal data.


Storage and Conservation of Personal Data


LEC stores, in national territory, the data collected in third party servers, that meet the security standards established by the legislation of data protection.

We store your personal data to provide the hired serviced and for legitimate and essential commercial ends, such as keeping the performance of the platform, making business decisions about features and offers based on data, fulfilling our legal duties, and solving disputes.

You can request the exclusion of data from our servers via free procedure. To do so, just send and email at


Legal Bases

According to the GDPR, the legal bases we use for the treatment of your personal data are:

  • Your consent. You have the right the revoke it at any moment. You can do so via email;

(b) Fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligations;

(c) For the execution of contract or preliminary procedures related to the contract;

(d) For our legitimate interest;

(e) For the regular exercise of rights in contract, legal, administrative or arbitral process.

(f) For ensuring prevention of fraude and the security of the owner.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time. Besides, in all our marketing emails you can also revoke your consent, just navigate until the end of the message and click on “cancel subscription”.

By revoking your consent, all your data treated exclusively under this legal basis will no longer be used by LEC, except for the ones that need to be retained due to legal obligation.


Owner’s Rights

You, as the owner of the data, has several rights ensured by the Brazilian legislation. As follows:

  • Confirmation of existence: it is the right to confirm if we are treating your personal data or not.
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data: you can get in touch in case your personal data are incomplete or incorrect and you wish to update them.

    Access to data: it is about the right to access all information we have about you and request additional information about the purposes of treatment of data, categories of personal data, period of duration of treatment, sharing of data and indication of organizations that eventually had access to your data.

    Anonymization, blockage and/or elimination of unnecessary or excessive data: it is about the right for requesting, if deemed necessary, the verification of the database to ensure elimination of unnecessary data, or even the blockage and/or anonymization of these.

    Portability: it is about the right to have your data sent to other service or product providers through request.

    Elimination of personal data treated with the consent of the owner and revoking: in case you wish to revoke your consent, all your personal data treated exclusively based on this legal basis will be excluded, except for cases that there is already a legal basis for the conservation of personal data, like for example, the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligation.

    Information and clarification about the negative consequences of consent: it is fundamental that you know that it is not mandatory to provide your consent and which are the negative consequences for the delivery of the desired services.

    The performance of such rights is free. In case you make a request, our deadline for response is 15 days, starting from your request. However, for the correct fulfillment of your request, based on the legislation of personal data protection, we will take all necessary procedures to confirm your identity.


Security Measures

LEC and its partner companies adopt several measures to ensure the security of all treated data of their activities.

We use known technologies that include firewalls and restrictions of access and, whenever possible, the pseudonymization or anonymization of personal data.


Alterations in the Privacy Note.

We can, at any time, make alterations in the present note.

When we make alterations in the present Note, we will make a visible and adequate communication according to the circumstances.

Thus, it is fundamental that the user is aware of any communication

Contact Info

In case you have any questions or wish to get in touch to fulfill your rights, send an email to, or call +55 11 3259-2837 / +55 11 9 7699-4360.